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The next-generation DEX built on the high-performance Solana blockchain. At the heart of the FalconXdex ecosystem lies the native FalconX (FALX) token, a crucial component that fuels the platform. With a fixed total supply of 10 billion FALX tokens, the FALX token aims to deliver sustainable value and growth for its holders.
Tokenomics Chart
Total supply: 10,000,000,000
0.7 billion FALX
1.2 billion FALX
3 billion FALX
Staking Rewards
1.4 billion FALX
2.85 billion FALX
0.85 billion FALX
FalconX Token Utility
Native DEX
The token will be launched in Q2 2024, and will be tradable directly on the website.
Staking Rewards
Users can stake their FALX tokens to earn passive income and help secure the platform (after staking will be launched in Q2 2024, for single asset tokens.
Long - term FalconX token value
Due to fixed total supply without minting, the value of the FALX token is likely to increase over time.
FalconX Router
Planned to be implemented in Q4 2024.
Cross-Chain Bridge
Scheduled to be launched in Q4 2024.
FalconX Roadmap
Q2 Q2 2024 Community build The Founder doxxed and passed KYC Token creation Video AMA Token presale on PinkSale Audit Token launch Marketing & trending push Farm & Pool launch Ape O'Clock, CMC, CG, Raydium listings Q4 Q4 2024 Create our very own FalconX Router FalconX Cross-chain bridge launch FalconX NFT gaming development (DeFi gamification) AI integration Q3 Q3 2024 Telegram bot integration FalconX NFT launch Partnerships Influencer onboarding Top 10 CEX listing